Bailiff said they will "arrest you"

This method employed by bailiff companies trying to find missing debtors. They post "arrest" or "no bail" documents into addresses they think you are living at and see if you call the telephone number of the document.

It is actually just a ruse to get you to call the telephone number on the document and they ask you to "confirm" your postcode in a "data protection security check".

If you have received a "No bail" document in connection with a possible unpaid court fine, then this article explains

Private bailiff companies do not have a power to arrest anyone. Arrest warrants are executed by the police.


If you are summonsed (or arrested, which is rare) for non payment of a fine then this gives you the opportunity to ask the court for the fine to be commuted or wiped completely


Here are a few methods available to you

Change of Circumstances

Not means tested when you were fined

Unaware you had been fined



You only go to prison if you REFUSE to pay a fine, and in any event, the Sentencing Council recently issued an advisory to district judges not to commit defaulters because HM prison service is suffering from budget cuts.

Print the following statement in large format and read it aloud to the district judge to answer to why you have not paid the fine.

You can amend it as needed so long as you are comfortable standing in the witness box reading it aloud to the bench.

Read this aloud to the magistrates court when you are asked to take the witness box.