Arrested or charged with a bailiff offence?

If you have been arrested and/or charged for any of these:


1. Obstructing an enforcement agent, Paragraph 68 of Schedule 12 of the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007

2. Cutting off a wheelclamp, Section 1 of the Criminal Damage Act 1971.

3. Interfering with controlled goods

4. Assaulting a bailiff.


Contact me straight away with a copy of the charge sheet and any prosecution witness statements.

If you are a solicitor, just contact me direct on jason (at) from your firm email address.


If you have already accepted a police caution or a fixed penalty notice without legal advice, then get a solicitor to withdraw the caution, or appeal the fixed penalty notice by completing the back of the notice.

Your grounds:

You sought legal advice and you are not guilty of the offence.


I can get you acquitted, or persuade the CPS discontinue with the prosecution.

I have a 100% success rate in getting the CPS to discontinue the prosecution or getting defendants acquitted at trial.



How it works

1. I prepare a detailed examination of your case

2. Draft your defence statements and select your exhibits

3. Appoint a specialist solicitor or barrister (depending on type of trial)



You can also claim from the arresting police force

Damages for:

false arrest

Unlawful imprisonment

Malicious prosecution

Lawyers fees

Your miscellaneous expenses including my fees

Loss of work and income

Damage to your business reputation



Section 26(1) of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 states;

Corrupt or other improper exercise of police powers and privileges

(1)A police constable listed in subsection (3) commits an offence if he or she—

(a)exercises the powers and privileges of a constable improperly, and

(b)knows or ought to know that the exercise is improper.



Your defence statement and exhibits I prepare for you are designed for re-use in civil proceedings. You can bring a claim against the arresting police force, sue the council or creditor and use it as a statement to support a Form EAC2 complaint about the bailiff.





Document handed out by police attending bailiff enforcement. You are guilty ONLY if the bailiff is ACTING LAWFULLY

Discover whether or not he is, by running this checklist