Complaining to a bailiff company, or a trade association.

One word of advice;



I have personally overseen hundreds, if not thousands, none have ever resulted in favour of the complainant.

Bailiff companies will never concede to a complaint no matter how compelling your grounds are. They work on the side of the bailiff companies and become an apologising service.

That is why official advice agencies send you there. Its designed to wear you down and you eventually give up your complaint.


The only way to get a bailiff company to pay redress - Take legal action against the council or authority the bailiff company is acting for. That also takes the bailiff company out of the loop.


Check whether your complaint or claim is winnable. Make a written first-person account of the events leading up to the bailiff action. Collect your evidence, then,

Contact me for a telephone consultation, and you can start action straight away.