Police threatened you with false arrest, or made a false arrest

A false arrest is a police officer making an arrest -

knowing there is no prospect of a conviction

to cause annoyance

to expose you to, or cause you an unlawful loss

You can also claim false imprisonment, even if you were not arrested




As soon as possible after the arrest or threat has been made, write down everything that happened. Name names, dates times, location, what was said and by whom, how much you have lost, etc. You will need to copy/paste it., or upload it on the next page.

Run a compliance fact find at the top of the homepage of this website and list anything else that comes up. Then email yourself a copy of the resolution advisory.

Gather any supporting evidence. This can be documents, videos and telephone recordings.

Contact me, and I will examine your case and propose it to a solicitor. First I need to make sure your case is winnable.

When your case has been accepted by the solicitor, you can sit back and relax while we do all the hard work for you.

We can offer this service on no-win no -fee and you don't even need to go to court.


Et voila!

You get paid! - and your solicitors fees are settled.