Section 38 of Schedule 5 of the Courts Act 2003 says the court must send a 'Further Steps Notice' (Example) to your current address before sending a bailiff.

Rule 30.2 of the Criminal Procedure Rules 2015 says the court must not exercise enforcement unless a "collection order or other notice" has been sent to the defendant.


Template. No collection Order given


It is common for bailiff companies to try and trace missing defaulters using credit reference agencies and the voting register then sending demands to a list of addresses and hope one of them gets a reaction or identifies the current address of the defaulter. Example.

If you have a common name, one particular bailiff company is known to have doctored paperwork to change the date of birth of the defaulter to match the date of birth of another person with the same name.

A Statutory Declaration must be sworn before a solicitor or commissioner for oaths (usually £5) and deliver BY RECORDED DELIVERY to the court that ordered enforcement. If you do not use recorded delivery, the statutory declaration will fail.


Statutory declaration



Make a statutory declaration proving severe hardship and get means tested