A bailiff has take control of your goods or vehicle for someone else's debt.

This usually happens when you buy a used car and the previous keeper received a traffic debt.

Evereything is invalid.


Paragraph 10 of Schedule 12 of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 says:

An enforcement agent may take control of goods only if they are goods of the debtor.


If the debt is not yours, or the vehicle is exempt goods, then make an Interpleader Claim.


The owner of the goods or vehicle has several other options. Here is More.


If you bought or sold a vehicle that has received a PCN incurred by another owner and enforcement action is being taken against you. The V5 does not prove ownership of a vehicle so you make a sworn statement of truth proving when you bought or sold the vehicle and serve it on the council and copy in the bailiff.

Paragraph 7 of the Taking Control of Goods: National Standards says;

creditors are responsible and accountable for the enforcement agents acting on their behalf. You don't need to make a claim against the bailiff company because liability resides with the creditor.


Sworn statement proving when you bought or sold the vehicle.