Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 - overview.


Regulation 4, Seizure of exempt goods and protected goods prohibited

Regulation 6, Debtor must be given a Notice of Enforcement 7 clear days before attending

Regulation 9, levy invalid if made more than 12 months following the Notice of Enforcement

Regulation 10, Levy invalid in the presence of unaccompanied children and vulnerable persons

Regulation 10(2), Levy invalid if goods/vehicle seized while in use may be breach of the peace

Regulation 13, Levy invalid if made before 6am or after 9pm

Regulation 14, Levy invalid, Non-compliant Controlled Goods Agreement

Regulation 16, securing residential premises prohibited

Regulation 17(3) Clamping on a highway less than 2 hours prohibited

Regulation 20, Methods of entry to a building with a compliant Controlled Goods Agreement

Regulation 25, Debtor must receive Notice of Re-entry 2 clear days before attending to remove

Regulation 26, Non-compliant Notice of Re-Entry is void

Regulation 30, Sale of goods void when no Notice given 7 clear days BEFORE removing goods

Regulation 34, Bailiff liable for damage to goods and vehicles in his custody

Regulation 37(1), Sale of goods/vehicle void when no Notice is given 7 clear days BEFORE

Regulation 39, Non-compliant Notice of Sale is void