You suspect a bailiff has been pocketing your council tax instalments

If you have been paying a bailiff company your council tax arrears on a regular basis and suspect the money has not been paid onto the council leaving a "black hole", then do the following.


1. Add together from your record of every payment you made to the bailiff and the council (all payments).

2. Add together the total sum of liabilities according to tax band and time of occupancy (All Liabilities)

3. Subtract any council tax benefit entitlements from the sum from step 2 above (All liabilities less all CTB)

4. Subtract the sum of all payments you have made in step 1 (All payments) above from Step 2 (All Liabilities) this leaves all outstanding liability you still owe - or are now owed as overpayments.

5. Subtract the sum you made in step 3 from the sum in step 4 above

- Gives the total sum you still owe, or you are owed by the council.



If you don't have a record of all payments you have made to the council and the bailiff, send the following letter to the council and a copy to the bailiff.

Marry up the councils record with the bailiffs record, and if you see a missing payment then you know someone is not being truthful.

Disregard the bailiffs costs, these are set by law at £75 and £235 for attending regardless of the number of simultaneous liability orders.

Here is a template to help get you started.