Your small claims documents drafted for a low fixed fee of:


In most cases, you get your money back!



This includes a £35 telephone consultation to go over the facts and evidence of your case. We must determine whether you have a reasonable prospect of a successful claim. I specialise in civil enforcement defence.

If your claim has a reasonable prospect of winning, you pay the remaining £250 and I will take your instructions to prepare the following documents:



The Letter Before Action

It explains in plain English why the defendant owes you the money and gives them an opportunity to pay it into your bank account according to a deadline. It also tells them about further sums that become due if they do not settle.

Sometimes by the time you are reading this, I may have already drafted the letter before action and given it by text message to the bailiff and by email to the bailiff company and the creditor.

This goes to the defendant(s) by post and by email straight away. The clock starts.


The Claim Particulars.

This outlines grounds of the claim giving how much is owed along with your expenses and costs you are claiming. You can recover £19 an hour for your work administering and researching your claim. You can get about 15 to 20 hours as a non-trained person. This can be more than £380 adequately covers my fee.

This goes on a form N1, which you complete and file in your home county court.

If you qualify for free court fees, you complete an income and expenditure form EX160a and file it at your home county court.



The Witness Statement.

I ask you for a first-person account of the history of the debt and the events leading up the claim. I will redraft it into your witness statement ready for you to approve and sign.


The Evidence bundle

Where possible, you must support your claim with evidence. For example, if you moved, and the bailiff took enforcement steps at your new address using a warrant showing your previous address, you must show evidence of the date you moved.

I will discuss with you during our telephone consultation what evidence you must include with your claim.

You file the witness statement and evidence bundle at court when the court sends you a form N150 allocation questionnaire to complete and return. On the form N150 You allocate the claim to the Small Claims Track.


The Skeleton Argument.

You must assist the court with the legal grounds giving rise you your claim. This document sets out all the breaches of law and regulations. It also covers any special damages you can claim along with your costs and expenses.

On the day of the hearing, you hand the skeleton argument to the court usher and ask him you give it to the judge and hand a copy to the defence solicitor.

Get started.

If you have already had your phone consultation and your Letter Before Action has lapsed, then call me to start work.