Your car or van is taken by bailiffs. Get a FREE rental

If your car has been unlawfully taken by bailiffs, you have a right to recover the cost of the replacement car until your own car has been returned or its replacement cost has been paid by the creditor or bailiff company..


This service is provided in partnership with a franchised nationwide car rental company who can deliver and collect your rental car anywhere in England and Wales.

It doesn't cost you a bean! The rental company supplies a replacement vehicle with unlimited mileage, then invoice you, as you, or in your business name for the days you rent the vehicle. You do not need to pay it, because we have agreement with the rental company franchisee to recover the invoice amount from the creditor whom the bailiff was acting for.



This service is only available if your case is managed by a solicitor introduced to you by Dealing with Bailiffs

If you have an accident in the rental car, you are liable for the policy excess

You can only have the same tier vehicle or nearest equivalent to your own vehicle regardless of its age. A Merc for a Mini will not be accepted by the court

If your claim is unsuccessful, you will have to pay the hire agreement to the car hire franchise, but we have a negotiated discounted rate of 50% for these circumstances.


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