Why I charge for a telephone consultation?


You tried the sponsored free helplines on the search listings. They sell you debt counselling services, debt relief orders and bankruptcy

Many helplines are set up by bailiff companies masquerading as debt counsellors

Multiple brands are operated by the same company

Some charge £45 to fill out an "Out of Time" statutory declaration

One charges £150 to make a Section 14 statutory declaration

There is no free lunch.



I redress non-compliant bailiff action. Nothing else.

I draft statutory declarations and parking appeals for free during our telephone discussion and they are in your inbox before we finish our chat.

Nobody gives free legal representation. (unless a solicitor accepts your case under the No-Win No-Fee scheme. These are Conditional Fee Agreements).

I don't have sufficient manpower to offer a free help line. I wouldn't get any paid work done.


Jason Bennison.