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Does "Forced Entry" mean really breaking entry?
Your vehicle has been illegally taken by bailiffs - how to claim damages?
How should I deal with bailiffs on the doorstep?
Clamped? what can you do? can you use bolt cutters?
I cant sleep at night, I'm scared of bailiffs, how does Pay & Reclaim work?
The Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013




Welcome to Britain's most comprehensive bailiff problem-solving website.

This is a voluntary collaborative work by legal experts and solicitors, put together to give you knowledge the bailiff companies don't want you knowing about!

Dealing with Bailiffs was established when HM Government announced there will be no official regulator or complaints authority to supervise the bailiff industry and compel them to comply with the law. - This is why we have an out of control wild-west bailiff industry that brings you here today.

We are not supported by the taxpayer (a stakeholder) masquerading as a "charity" or advice centre, and unlike some other bailiff advice websites, we are not established by a bailiff company or under the control of one whose purpose is to give out misinformation about bailiff rights.


You are reading this because you have complained to the authorities who stonewalled you. The police say bailiff crime is a civil matter. Government and charity sponsored debt advice centres talked you into discontinuing your complaint and pay up without investigating whether your debt is compliant. This is why bailiff companies deliberately send you there to make your complaint.

Everything here is backed by source legislation and 100% legal designed to effortlessly bring you the remedy and redress for your bailiff problem.

- Jason Bailey.




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How to keep the bailiffs out - legally!
How to claim Damages if a bailiff removes tools (or vehicles) of your trade
How to claim damages if a bailiff damages your business reputation
Bailiffs cannot seize a vehicle that is on HP or finance
When bailiffs have a right to break into your home - "forced entry"
About seizing computers iPads mobiles and devices containing data or intellectual property
Your vehicle illegally taken by bailiffs? we can recover it for free and deliver it nationwide
A neat way to quickly get your money back - a "Chargeback"
A neat way to get the bailiff to pay your debt
If a bailiff jams his boot into your door, everything that follows is revoked
Bailiffs CANNOT remove goods in your absence
Levy abandonment revokes a bailiffs' or HCEO's right to break into homes
Bailiff charges for work he hasn't done, HM Government says he commits fraud
Bailiffs are sending you nuisance or spam text messages to your phone
Why you never need to ask a bailiff for a "breakdown" of fees
Up a creek without a paddle? Blackmailed by a bailiff? Deploy Pay & Reclaim
Bailiff has refused to show his ID or evidence of his authority to enter premises
Grounds that make an "Invalid Levy" and "Irregular Distress"
Proving who owns a vehicle does NOT lie with you
Bailiff companies training bailiffs to defraud you, the directors are guilty of an offence
Bailiffs can only charge one fee regardless the number of warrants involved
Bailiffs can only execute warrants and writs at the address on his documents
If a person pretends to be a certificated bailiff, HM Government says he may commit fraud
Seizure of goods owned jointly with a non-liable party - how to get redress
Bailiffs cannot charge "costs" not approved by the Court or by Parliament
Unlawful bailiffs fees are never statute barred, you can reclaim them at any time
Bailiffs are liable for damage caused to goods and property even if was an accident
If you give an unlawful bailiff a good hiding, you are NOT guilty of assault
The bailiffs choice of remedy is not an exclusive remedy - Debtors can choose
Do bailiffs really clear your house of furniture?
Bailiff says you have to prove who owns goods in your home
Bailiff action does not affect your credit rating
Bailiffs leaving a "final notice" document hanging out your letterbox commits fraud
Why bailiffs like to meet you in a public place of your choice
Recover a vehicle or goods with an emergency application to court (replevin)
There is no point in complaining to CIVEA - they work on the side of the bailiffs
There is no legal requirement for certificated bailiffs to be CRB checked
Why never use RECORDED DELIVERY when corresponding with bailiffs
Taking out an Injunction or a restraining order on a bailiff
If the bailiff was wearing a video camera - You can get the footage and use it in court!
Warrant of Entry -access to gas and electricity supplies
Seeking redress: The ombudsman, or take them to court?
Cutting off a wheel-clamp - the law - Remove a wheel clamp by 'pay & reclaim'
Remove a wheel clamp for a tenner then claim for excessive levy
Your vehicle was seized by bailiffs and sold for a song - claim for excessive levy
Your vehicle has been clamped and you need a trump card - Appeal the ticket!
Procedure for recovering an impounded vehicle from a bailiff
Your vehicle was clamped unexpectedly
Taking a Council (or other creditor) and their bailiff company to court
Making a formal complaint against a bailiff
How to approach the media with your bailiff story
Getting a breakdown of fees and costs
Ripped off with bogus fees? - Make your bailiff to pass a TRUTH TEST
Get bailiff to prove his costs - get him to make a SWORN STATEMENT
Recover unlawful bailiffs fees damages and compensation in the courts
How to revoke a levy or walking-possession agreement
Check your bailiff's certificate is valid
Handwritten VAT receipt? - Report your bailiff for VAT fraud
Bailiffs repeatedly banging at the door causing a public disturbance
Bailiffs loitering or acting suspiciously in the vicinity of your property
Petition a bailiff company's fitness to hold a Consumer Credit License
Bailiffs and a "Capital Contribution Order"
Where is my vehicle?
Got a judgment against a bailiff or HCEO company - How to get paid
The Bailiff said he called police, or police were involved - get the CAD incident report!
Reporting bailiff crime to the police
Criminal offences committed by bailiffs and HCEOs
Bailiff threatened you with a locksmith
What if your bailiff's certificate is NOT valid
Bailiff assaulted you or bailiff injured you - even if it was an accident
Police officer assisted a bailiff - you can sue the police force
You are arrested by police during a bailiff incident
Official guidance for Police officers attending the scene of bailiffs
List of bailiff companies and their modus operandi
County Court Bailiffs
Child Support Agency
What is a "walking-possession Agreement"?
Bailiffs and ANPR 'vigilante' vans
Bailiffs in Scotland - Sheriffs Officers
Making a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000
A quiet word about using solicitors
Get a free solicitor to help you with your bailiff claim
Becoming a professional bailiff's fee reclaims manager
Private Parking Tickets "Parking Charge Notices"
Example bailiff forms
Bailiff Defeated!


HMCTS Official guidance for bailiffs and other enforcement officers  
Magistrates' Court fines and bailiffs - The HMCTS Enforcement Services Contract  
Ministry of Justice - The 2012 National Standards for Enforcement Agents  
Guidance to local councils on good practice in the collection of Council Tax arrears  
People Finder - get email addresses of your local council or government department  
Leaflet - How the Local Government Ombudsman deals with complaints about bailiffs  
Local Government Ombudsman report, 29 November 2012, Complaints against bailiffs  
Criteria for granting a bailiffs certificate  
Government Response to Consultation paper "Transforming Bailiff Action" here's a Summary  
Credit & debit card surcharges - the law  


PE3 - Witness statement - unpaid penalty charge  
PE2 - Application to file a Stat Dec out of Time if filing a PE3 after the 36 days time limit.  
TE9 - Witness statement - unpaid penalty charge  
TE7 - Application to file a statement out of time  
Form 4 - Make a formal complaint against a certificated bailiff - see also Tips for attending court  
Form N244 - Application Notice of a request to a court to make an Order or set aside an order  
Form N245 - Application for a suspension of a warrant and or variation of an order  
Form N1 - Claim form for losses in the small claims court - see also Tips for attending court hearings  
Form EX160a - Application for a fee remission and guidance notes  
Form EX160c - Extended Table of Contributions - to be read in conjunction with Form EX160a  
Form EX160b - Emergency undertaking to apply for remission for a court fee or pay a court fee  
Form N208 - Application for a non-money claim in the county court See Form N208a  
Leaflet EX345 - About Bailiffs and Enforcement Officers  

See also Other court forms


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