Bailiff. Now an Enforcement Agent. A person instructed to recover debts by taking control of goods and selling them.

Warrant of Control is court authority for your goods to be taken and sold to pay a debt


Bailiff troubleshooter. What kind of debt?

Magistrates' court fine

Council Tax & NDR

Parking Ticket (PCN)

High Court Writ



Stopping a bailiff

Magistrates' court fine

Council Tax & NDR

Parking Ticket (PCN)

High Court Writ




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Being PROSECUTED for obstruction or interference?
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Protecting yourself.

Bailiffs always target your vehicle.

1. Own and register it in a Ltd company, or;

2. Register it in Scotland. They can't issue a warrant.


If you are vulnerable to charging orders or bankruptcy. Own your property and assets in a Family Protection Trust


About me

I am Jason Bennison, and I made this website to give impartial advice for unlawful bailiff action. I quote the law precisely how Parliament laid it.

You are here because official and sponsored advice got nowhere.

Police told you bailiff crime is a civil matter. They put bailiffs in a class above the law. The authorities stonewalled your complaint. Citizens Advice put you onto a local solicitor, who want a big fat cheque "put in funds" before starting work.



This is a one-stop shop providing civil enforcement defence and redress. Anyone aggrieved by unlawful bailiff action can receive free forum-based advice all the way to barrister representation at court in all civil claims and criminal defence.

I supply many law firms with para-legal services including drafting statements, interpleader claims, carrying out detailed case examinations into seeking out where enforcement action is non-compliant with the law. I prepare court-ready legal arguments to assist the court to determine the outcome of a claim and provide same-day applications in the High Court in London (The Strand) for stopping High Court Writs.

Exclusively, I offer no-win no fee, subject to an assessment of your case, claims for non-compliant enforcement action,use the power of the courts to force bailiffs to return seized vehicles by making emergency applications for injunctive relief, as well as assessing and applying for your damages.


Press & Media enquiries only, 07768 518382,

jason (at) dealingwithbailiffs.co.uk

Telephone consultations: Only by online appointment


Private client consultations by appointment at:

Dubai Media City (DMC) Al Safouh 1, (opposite Ibn Battuta Metro)

31 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HJ (Holborn Tube)



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I also offer Will-writing and estate planning services. Preparing trusts and other legal instruments for the protection family wealth, complex estates and business assets, from the effects of Inheritance tax, long term care fees and 'sideways' disinheritance following divorce and matrimonial disputes.

I also prepare Wills and testamentary dispositions compliant to Sharia Law. I have a permanent base in Dubai for private consultations for both Sharia as well as British expatriate clients.

If you have a relative who may lose mental capacity, I can apply to the Court of Protection for deputyship, or register a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Call me for a free initial chat.


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