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Welcome to Britain's most comprehensive bailiff problem-solving website.

Dealing with Bailiffs was established when HM Government announced there will be no official complaints authority to supervise the bailiff industry and compel them to comply with the law. This is why we have a wild-west bailiff industry that brings you here today.

We are not taxpayer supported, nor masquerade as a "debt charity" or advice centre acting as a front for a bailiff company and do we sell debt counselling or financial services.



You are reading this because you have complained to the authorities who stonewalled you. The police say bailiff crime is a civil matter. Official advice centres talked you into discontinuing your complaint and pay up without investigating whether your debt is compliant.

That is the reason why bailiff companies deliberately send you there to make your complaint.

Everything here is backed by source legislation and gives you the knowledge the bailiff companies don't want you to know about.

- Jason Bailey.






HMCTS Official guidance for bailiffs and other enforcement officers  
Magistrates' Court fines and bailiffs - The HMCTS Enforcement Services Contract  
Ministry of Justice - The 2012 National Standards for Enforcement Agents  
Guidance to local councils on good practice in the collection of Council Tax arrears  
People Finder - get email addresses of your local council or government department  
Leaflet - How the Local Government Ombudsman deals with complaints about bailiffs  
Criteria for granting a bailiffs certificate  


PE3 - Witness statement - unpaid penalty charge  
PE2 - Application to file a Stat Dec out of Time if filing a PE3 after the 36 days time limit.  
TE9 - Witness statement - unpaid penalty charge  
TE7 - Application to file a statement out of time  
Form 4 - Make a formal complaint against a certificated bailiff - see also Tips for attending court  
Form N244 - Application Notice of a request to a court to make an Order or set aside an order  
Form N245 - Application for a suspension of a warrant and or variation of an order  
Form N1 - Claim form for losses in the small claims court - see also Tips for attending court hearings  
Form EX160a - Application for a fee remission and guidance notes  
Form EX160c - Extended Table of Contributions - to be read in conjunction with Form EX160a  
Form EX160b - Emergency undertaking to apply for remission for a court fee or pay a court fee  
Form N208 - Application for a non-money claim in the county court See Form N208a  
Leaflet EX345 - About Bailiffs and Enforcement Officers  

See also Other court forms


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