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FUBAR? - Get the legal position on your bailiff problem
Cut to the Chase! - Here's how to stop the bailiffs!
  Rent-a-Rottweiler! - Bailiff chase-away service
Clamped? - Can you use bolt cutters?

Bailiffs taken your car - Get it recovered!
Worried about bailiffs breaking in?
Arrested? - I can get your prosecution stopped!
Help! -Bailiffs at the door!
Phone Consultation - discuss your bailiff problem
Get a Legal Compliance Report & Analysis
Ask in the forums
Documents, letters & Statements drafted
Why PAY to write off debts when you can do it for FREE!

Injured by bailiffs? or victim of violence?





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Magistrates' court fines
Council Tax & NDR
Parking Tickets (PCNs)
CCJs, High Court Enforcement Officers and writs




Welcome to Britain's ONLY bailiff problem-solving website.

Dealing with Bailiffs.co.uk is the only website you get fee impartial advice for unlawful bailiff action. I show you the law precisely as Parliament intends it to be.

I am not taxpayer supported and I don't masquerade as a "debt charity" or advice centre acting as a front for a bailiff company.

I work to solve your bailiff problem. Not filling out income and expenditure forms then flog you a debt management plan.


You spoke to solicitors and the authorities who stonewalled your complaint. This is one area of law you won't get from solicitors. The police said bailiff crime is a civil matter. Official advice centres only interested in getting your financial details.

That is why you are here.

- Jason Bailey.


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