You are on prescribed benefits and the council sent bailiffs

Regulation 2 of The Council Tax (Deductions from Income Support) Regulations 1993 states;

2. Where a liability order has been made against a debtor by a magistrates' court and the debtor is entitled to income support the billing authority concerned may apply to the Secretary of State asking him to deduct sums from any amounts payable to the debtor by way of income support in order to secure the payment of any outstanding sum which is or forms part of the amount in respect of which the liability order was made.



Make a formal complaint to the council enclosing some evidence of receipt of benefits.


This will also remove the bailiffs fees. A saving of £310.


If you are not already claiming Council Tax Benefit then you should start a claim now.

If you are in receipt of an out of work benefit, you may be classed as a vulnerable person for the purpose of civil enforcement.