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Telephone Consultation

Bailiff Troubleshooter

Magistrates' court fines

Council Tax

Traffic contravention debts (PCNs)

High Court Writs

Stop your bailiff

Magistrates' court fines

Council Tax

traffic Contravention debts (PCNs)

High Court Writs

Expecting Bailiffs? What to do
Steps to protect yourself from bailiffs.

Phone Consultation
Tell me what happened. I'll give the legal position and the remedies.

Clamped? Towed? - Options
Is the enforcement compliant with the law? Lets find out!

Recover your vehicle
Getting your car back.


Protect your vehicle from bailiffs
Stop bailiffs taking your car!


Vulnerable debtors
Vulnerable people have special protection.


Make it TOXIC for bailiffs. Pay & Reclaim
Turn enforcement into a cash cow!

Challenge high bailiffs fees
High Court writ? Business Rates? Enforcement fee Check and redress.

Help! Bailiffs BANGING at the door!
How do deal with bailiffs police and the bomb-squad outside your door.

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