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Bailiff Enforcement Troubleshooter

Magistrates' court fines

Council Tax & Non Domestic Rates

Parking Tickets, or Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

High Court Writs

Stopping Bailiffs

Magistrates' court fines

Council Tax & Non Domestic Rates

Parking Ticket, or Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

High Court Writs

Expecting Bailiffs? Here's what to do

Phone Consultation

Clamped? - Your Options

Bailiff took your car? How to recover it




Make it TOXIC for bailiffs. Pay & Reclaim


How to protect your car from bailiffs


Chase your bailiff away on YOUTUBE!


Bringing your claim to Court

Challenge high bailiffs fees


CHARGED with Obstruction?


STOP bailiff nuisance text messages

Threatened with a LOCKSMITH?

PROSECUTING a bailiff!

False Arrest. Unlawful Imprisonment

INJURED or ASSAULTED by bailiffs?

Help! Bailiffs BANGING at the door!

Bailiff attended with a TV CREW?

Need a specialist SOLICITOR?


Need a McKenzie Friend at court?


RECORD bailiff calls on your phone


Stop bailiffs with an INJUNCTION

Complain to a bailiff company or CIVEA?


Challenge Private Parking Tickets

Ask in the Bailiff Help Forums


List of Enforcement Regulations


List of Enforcement Case Law


Approach the press with your bailiff case

Protect your home with a family trust

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